Curql Collective Makes Fund Investment to Transform Peer-to-Peer Payments

Des Moines (October 24, 2022) – Curql Collective, the CUSO endeavoring to transform how financial services are delivered to credit union members, has announced it has made an investment in a breakthrough peer-to-peer payments solutions firm through its Curql Fund I. The innovator, Neural Payments, based in Montgomery, Ala., promises to revolutionize how peer-to-peer payments are made. With the investment by the Curql Collective, Neural Payments will gain capital for marketing efforts, staff expansion and other expenses related to its rapid anticipated growth, as well as networking access to subscriber and investor credit unions looking for cutting-edge fintech solutions.

Offering “software as a service,” or SaaS, Neural Payments’ peer-to-peer payments solution integrates into the credit union’s own mobile banking app, allowing users to send money to anyone directly within the app, with no third-party app needed. Through the software, payments are directed to other financial institutions or even to third-party apps to streamline the payment experience and help credit unions retain members within their brands throughout that experience.

“Peer-to-peer payments technology has made it fast and easy to pay anyone, and with Neural Payments’ solution, it’s about to get even easier for members while helping credit unions maintain and deepen member relationships at a great value,” said Curql Collective CEO & President Nick Evens. “Just like all of our Curql Fund I investments, it’s about finding solutions that offer wins for both the member and the credit union, and for that reason, we’re tremendously excited to make this investment in Neural Payments for the future of our industry.”

In addition to the funding it has received from Curql Fund I, Neural Payments has also received funding from New York-based fintech venture capital firm Mendon Venture Partners, which helps funnel new technology to community banks.

About Curql Collective

Curql Collective is a collaborative approach that brings investment capital, credit unions, and fintech together. Launched in 2020, Curql is steered by a collective of forward-thinking credit unions, including former founders, operators, and leaders in the fintech and investment spaces. The group’s flagship – Curql Fund I – invests in the visions of entrepreneurs who thoughtfully and purposefully develop financial services technology that revolutionizes and innovates how people engage with their money. For more information, please visit