Activate real change through technology in banking

Why Curql Fund.

The only fund of its kind, we are the gateway for fintech access to credit unions. The industry relationships, partnerships and networks are ignited here – and only here. As a VC, we deploy money at a speed that negates long decision making cycles typical of taking investment dollars from individual credit unions. Created and launched to the industry by the collaborative innovation at Members Development Company (MDC) – we offer unmatched domain expertise. Our investment committee and the fund management team at Next Level Ventures are former founders, operators, and leaders in fintech. We understand what it means – and what it takes – to go from idea to market.

Curql is status agnostic. We invest in technologies that positively impact how credit unions engage with their members, and how members engage with their money. Speed of funding. Speed to market. Speed to change how people experience their credit union. It’s just that simple.


Why Curql Collective.

We didn’t get into this space as the next vertical for investment. We’re invested in the space. We come from fintech. We represent the credit union movement. And we bring over 50 years of collective experience to the table. We are here to provide the expertise, coaching, guidance, and support our partners need to deliver revolutionary technology to credit unions and their member-owners from incubation to acceleration.

Managed by the best in the business.

Curql Fund is managed by Next Level Ventures,  which is the largest venture fund manager for credit unions. The Next Level team has over 50 years of demonstrated success in supporting the remarkable people leading the way in innovative technology development.

Curql is the on ramp to help fintech entreprenuers bring innovation to more than 5,000 credit unions and 124 million members throughout the U.S.

Coming Full Curql

SEC Filing Press Release

Today, Members Development Company (MDC) and Next Level Ventures announced the launch of Curql Fund I (Curql). The $150M venture capital fund was created to invest in the innovations of fintech entrepreneurs to develop world-class technology solutions for the credit union space.

Curql Announces Open Access to Credit Union Investors

Curql Collective is announcing the availability of investment opportunities in the group’s flagship – Curql Fund I. The fund was created and launched to the industry after recognizing the need to make a serious commitment to technology to ensure continued growth and stability for the credit union industry. The only fund of its kind, Curql offers a key competitive advantage as the gateway for fintech access to credit unions – and the only gateway that can deploy money at the speed of a VC. The fund recently announced its first close on April 6th, reaching an initial fundraising goal in excess of $70M.

Shaping the Future

How investment collaboration can transform the industry Transformative ideas are sparks that move any industry forward. The credit union industry itself was the realization of a transformative idea. And it was achieved by no single person. Instead, it was realized by the coming together of many people who knew that the brilliant idea was worth pursuing and the dream worth living.

First Close Announced

Curql Collective’s flagship Curql Fund I announced its first fundraising close on April 6, 2021, reaching an initial fundraising goal in excess of $70M. Created and launched to the industry by the collaborative innovation at Members Development Company (MDC), Curql Fund I is the only VC fund of its kind – serving as a gateway for fintech access to credit unions.