Curql Collective Expands Fintech Ecosystem with
Newest Partner, Flybits


Des Moines (March 7, 2023) – Curql Collective, a Credit Union Service Organization spurring fintech innovation for credit unions, just announced the latest addition to its fintech ecosystem, an exemplary roster of vetted fintech working to collaborate with credit unions. As part of the Curql Collective’s fintech ecosystem, Flybits will make its technology available at a discount to Curql Collective credit unions and engage in collaborative opportunities to further the credit union industry.

Flybits leverages artificial intelligence and other technologies to deliver personalized content and digital experiences to credit union members. These experiences help deliver customized, context-relevant journeys across the member lifecycle, helping credit unions build and deepen member engagement. The system is powered by data insights and orchestrations generated through augmenting enterprise customer data with third-party, open- and device-level datasets without privacy, interoperability, or data movement complexities.

“We’re very pleased to partner with Curql to continue to build on our experience with credit unions and further tailor our offering to the particular needs and dynamics of the sector,” said Hossein Rahnama, CEO of Flybits.

“Credit unions are driven to build relationships to help people,” said Nick Evens, Curql Collective CEO & President. “It’s central to the mission of credit unions, and Flybits’ technology will help them do that in a way that’s more effective than ever before, guiding an enhanced member service experience to drive business results.”

About Curql Collective

Curql Collective is a collaborative approach that brings investment capital, credit unions, and fintech together. Launched in 2020, Curql is steered by a collective of forward-thinking credit unions, including former founders, operators, and leaders in the fintech and investment spaces. The group’s flagship – Curql Fund I – invests in the visions of entrepreneurs who thoughtfully and purposefully develop financial services technology that revolutionizes and innovates how people engage with their money. For more information, please visit

About Flybits

Flybits is a context-aware digital experience design platform, delivering personalization at scale. Core to this is our expertise and IP in orchestrating and augmenting customer data with other datasets without interoperability or data movement concerns and complexities. With Flybits, enterprises are able to design, launch, and measure data-driven consumer experiences that deliver the right information to the right customer at the right time, while preserving their privacy. The company was founded in 2013 with the core belief that data is the new asset class and trust is the currency. For more information, visit

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As it prepares for a big year ahead in 2023, Curql Collective, a CUSO spurring innovation for the credit union industry, announced that Darlene Johnson will be joining the Board of Managers, and Ron Amstutz has been re-elected. Five nominees vied for the two open positions during the election, each with a three-year term.

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